Avulsed teeth that are stored extraorally in a dry environment for >60 min generally develop replacement root resorption or ankylosis following their replantation due to
the absence of a vital periodontal ligament on their root surface. One negative sequelae of such ankylosis is tooth infra-positioning and the local arrest of alveolar bone growth. Removal of an ankylosed tooth may be difficult and traumatic leading to esthetic bony ridge deformities and optimal prosthetic treatment interferences. Recently a treatment option for ankylosed teeth named ‘de-coronation’ gained interest, particularly in pediatric dentistry that concentrated in dental traumatology. This article reviews the up-to-date literature that has been published on decoronation with respect to its importance for future prosthetic rehabilitation followed by a case presentation that its clinical benefits.

Decoronating Ankylosed Teeth by Cohenca & Stabholz 2006