Key Topics in Restorative Dentistry



Restoratively driven planning for implants in the posterior maxilla – Part 1: alveolar bone healing, bone assessment and clinical classifications by King & Schofield in the BDJ

Sinus augmentation in conjunction with implant placement is widely considered to be a predictable and successful treatment option for the edentulous posterior maxilla. However, the anatomical changes of the posterior maxilla following tooth extraction (namely alveolar atrophy and pneumatisation of... Continue Reading →

Temporary restorations: the key to success by Mizrahi

For newly graduated dentists, temporary restorations are often not seen as an important part of treatment, but rather a simple stopgap from the time the final impression is taken until the final restorations are fitted. This is due to the... Continue Reading →

Direct Composite Resin for the Management of Tooth Wear: A Systematic Review by Vajani

Qualitative evaluation of the studies proved difficult because of the nature of case series but reporting improved in the later studies. Despite the generally short duration of studies, small sample sizes in terms of patient numbers and composite restorations, the... Continue Reading →

Occlusion in implant dentistry. A review of the literature of prosthetic determinants and current concepts, Gross 2008

Today the clinician is faced with widely varying concepts regarding the number, location, distribution and inclination of implants required to support the functional and parafunctional demands of occlusal loading. Primary clinical dilemmas of planning for maximal or minimal numbers of... Continue Reading →

Occlusion, past, present and future, Aws Alani

Good occlusal practise provides an important cornerstone to optimal patient care. Occlusal problems can manifest in different areas of dentistry but these are more apparent when there are restorative aspects to the patient's problem. This review highlights areas of restorative... Continue Reading →

Fundamentals of Occlusion Part 1 & 2 by Warreth et al.

Some neat papers from the Journal of the Irish Dental Association. FUNDAMENTALS OF OCCLUSION PART 1 FUNDAMENTALS OF OCCLUSION PART 2

Clinical issues in Occlusion: Part 2

Occlusal diagnosis plays an important role in the planning and subsequent delivery of predictable functional and aesthetic restorations and prostheses. Once an occlusal problem is identified there are a number of techniques and materials that can be utilised to record... Continue Reading →

Clinical Issues in Occlusion: Part 1

Mahul Patel and myself published a two part series on Occlusion in the Singapore Dental Journal recently. Part one looks at aetiology and diagnosis with part 2 focusing on methods for recording and treatment planning. Good occlusal practise provides an... Continue Reading →

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