Key Topics in Restorative Dentistry


periodontal plastic surgery

Minimal intervention dentistry II: part 6. Microscope and microsurgical techniques in periodontics by Sitbon & Attathom in the BDJ

Different aspects of treatment for periodontal diseases or gingival problems require rigorous diagnostics. Magnification tools and microsurgical instruments, combined with minimally invasive techniques can provide the best solutions in such cases. Relevance of treatments, duration of healing, reduction of pain... Continue Reading →

Periodontal Plastic Surgery as an Adjunctive Therapeutic Modality for Esthetic Restorative Dentistry Pasquinelli

Aesthetic dental problems are often multifactorial in nature and may not be satisfactorily resolved by restorative treatment alone. An interdisciplinary approach to these situations offers the greatest potential for an outstanding treatment result. The better versed the restorative dentist is... Continue Reading →

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