Key Topics in Restorative Dentistry presents a symposium on ‘Tooth vs Titanium’ by experts who will provide an insight into some of the important aspects of maintaining or replacing compromised teeth in restorative dentistry. This will be held at the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden with complimentary entry to the museum for all delegates.

Aws Alani will begin the day with an overview of the dynamic between restoring teeth or considerations for replacement with implants. He will appraise the different avenues that teeth can be managed whilst also providing viewpoints on the applicability of dental implants.

Rishi Patel will then provide a synopsis of important considerations for implant rehabilitation and the various different techniques through which this are achieved. He will provide an appraisal of bone augmentation, loading protocols and his own opinions and preferred treatment modes.

In the afternoon, Joe Bhat will provide a synopsis on full arch restorations, the different surgical and prosthetic protocols. He will outline the various pitfalls and techniques to avoid them. He will provide a walk-through on the prosthetic stages and summarise the maintenance needs.

The final lecture of the day will be given by Mahul Patel and will focus on the structurally compromised tooth and the plethora of traditional and contemporary techniques that can be utilised to definitvely restore units that may at first seem unrestorable. He will summarise the decision making process for restoring the endodontically treated tooth.