Key Topics in Restorative Dentistry presents a symposium on Restorability by experts who will provide an insight into some of the important aspects of diagnosing, managing and treating different presentations of teeth requiring restoration.

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Aws Alani will begin the day with an overview of the biomechanical aspects of restorability. He will appraise the different structural changes of teeth as tissue volume reduces in addition to factors associated with loading the compromised tooth.

Daniel Flynn will then provide a synopsis of endodontic considerations when considering restorability. She will give her own opinions on the factors to take into account both prior to root canal treatment and post obturation.


A buffet style lunch will be served in the foyer.

After lunch Gareth Calvert will give an overview of periodontal considerations when restoring single and multiple units and how the periodontium can be manipulated surgically and non-surgically to aide in achieving a restoration.

Last but not least Mahul Patel will then provide a comprehensive pathway of decision making when assessing and delivering restorations on the compromised tooth unit. He will appraise the various inter-relating factors between the disciplines of prosthodontics, periodontics and endodontics in achieving the most optimal outcome.