Instructions for use of customised mouth guard and 10% carbamide peroxide

  • The bleaching tray you have been given is a custom made bespoke medical device that fits snugly over your teeth
  • Brush your teeth as normal.
  • Open the the syringe of 10% carbamide peroxide.
  • Carefully place a small pea sized amount of gel into each of the tooth compartments
  • Locate the mouth guard into your mouth looking in the mirror to ensure it has seated onto all the teeth front and back
  • Take a tissue and wrap it around a finger and gently wipe any excess gel from under the guard that may have overspilled
  • Carefully rinse your mouth with water
  • Keep the tray in your mouth for at least 2 hours a day or overnight
  • Once completed remove the tray, brush your teeth and the tray
  • Continue this process for approximately 2-4 weeks, liaise with your dentist if you have any queries
  • You must not eat or drink whilst bleaching
  • You must not bleach your teeth if pregnant or breast feeding

Development of sensitivity

Patients can develop tooth sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. If this happens you should stop bleaching immediately and take a break . Replace the bleaching gel with Sensitive Toothpaste every other day. You can rarely develop discomfort in the gums and cheeks, this usually settles once the bleaching stops.