Key Topics in Restorative Dentistry presents a symposium on Occlusion by experts who will provide an insight into some important aspects of diagnosing, managing and treating occlusal problems.

Aws Alani will begin the day with an overview of occlusal concepts and the physiology of how teeth move contact and accomodate occlusal changes. He will provide an overview of occlusal problems and the signs and symptoms to look out for when examining patients.

Tif Qureshi will then provide a synopsis of occlusal considerations GDP orthodontics. He will examine the dynamic and static relationships of anterior teeth and how these can be managed with orthodontic alignment and minimally invasive adhesive dentistry.

Mahul Patel will then provide an overview of the importance of controlling occlusal factors when providing fixed prosthodontics and how every detail of the process of provision can result in changes to the final result. From the initial occlusal examination, records, preparation, temporisation, cementation and final adjustment.

Last but not least Sanj Bhanderi will provide an endodontists view on occlusion and how occlusal probelms can manifest when managing teeth requiring endodontic treatment or indeed teeth with vital pulps. He will provide treatment planning strategies to mitigate against the manifestation of occlusal problems when managing root canal treated and pulpally compromised teeth.

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