A deep overbite is where the vertical overlap of the upper and lower incisors exceeds half of the lower incisal tooth height. Problems associated with the deep overbite can include soft tissue trauma, lack of inter-occlusal space and tooth wear, all of which can present significant challenges for the restorative dentist. While management options very much depend on the nature of the situation and patient’s symptoms, options may range from provision of a simple removable appliance or splint and non-surgical periodontal therapy, to multidisciplinary care involving orthodontics, orthognathic surgery and restorative dentistry.

Restorative management may involve an increase in the occlusal vertical dimension with fixed restorations or removable prostheses, and careful assessment and treatment planning is essential. This article discusses the aetiology and restorative management strategies for deep and traumatic overbites.

The restorative management of the deep overbite

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