Aesthetic dental problems are often multifactorial in nature and may not be satisfactorily resolved by restorative treatment alone. An interdisciplinary approach to these situations offers the greatest potential for an outstanding treatment result. The better versed the restorative dentist is in adjunctive therapeutic modalities available from the dental specialties, the greater will be their ability to deliver a superior result. Periodontal plastic surgery may be utilized in the interdisciplinary solution to many esthetic clinical challenges. Periodontal plastic surgery deals with the cosmetic reconstruction, reshaping, or removal of the dentoalveolar tissues. The procedures common to the field include: root coverage, ridge augmentation, ridge preservation, preprosthetic ridge alteration, and esthetic crown lengthening. The ultimate goals of periodontal plastic surgery procedures are to provide the patient with their desired esthetic outcome while maintaining the health of the teeth and periodontium.

Through a series of case reports, the objective of this paper is to help restorative dentists further their knowledge of periodontal plastic surgery as it pertains to the planning and delivery of sound biologic dental therapy that optimizes esthetics.

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